Car Rentals in Ekie Yaoundé

Whether you’ll need a car for your following business trip, family vacation, or personal use, you will find an Ekie car rental and book your ride with ease. The city of Yaoundé has numerous car rental agencies and private car services. These services provide reliable transportation with competitive rates.

Car rentals in Ekie Yaoundé

Car rentals in Ekie Yaoundé can be found to rent for each day or longer. However, some suppliers have restrictions on the length of rental. Some don’t allow rentals of significantly less than 3 days. The size of the rental period will affect the cost per day. To avoid any complications through your trip, be sure to see the terms and conditions on the rental voucher.

When booking your rental, be sure you have your identification documents with you and your driver’s license. Also, be sure to have your credit card ready as a deposit. Moreover, you must be punctual and inform the car rental company if you should be delayed in your flight. Additionally, you’ll need to carefully see the contract, including the gear you intend to add.

When you rent an automobile in Ekie Yaoundé, you must understand the area requirements. Most rental agencies demand a driver’s license and credit card details for blocking deposits. Some also require a journey number.

Private car services

When you’ll need a private car in Ekie, you’ll find numerous providers. These services can provide you with a cushty vehicle for your trip. Additionally, the drivers at these services are experienced and professional. Moreover, they’ll be happy to describe the requirements of the area Mefou, Centre, Cameroon authorities.

Depending on your needs, you can choose between manual or automatic transmissions. Some companies also provide ac and satellite navigation. Just be sure that the company you select has the capacity to provide you with this program, as not them all will offer these services in most locations. Booking an automobile with a private car rental company is just a simple process, and the staff will be sure that your trip is just a success.


CAMEROUN LIMOUSINE specializes in the rental of new and used cars for a low price. The company’s diverse fleet of vehicles includes cars with automatic and manual transmissions, ac and satellite navigation. Though some companies don’t offer most of these features at all locations, booking an automobile is quick and easy.

If you’re visiting Cameroun, you should look at hiring an automobile from CAMEROUN LIMOUSINE. The agency has a vast number of rental vehicles and accepts bank cards and cash. In addition, it provides corporate car services.

Before picking up your car or truck, check the fuel level in the tank. If the tank is empty, you should refill it. You will need to improve the contract if you’re renting an increased class vehicle. Also, check the car’s body for just about any damages.

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