Music Master Class: Pedro Lavagna And His Mexican Brass

Pedro Lavagna is a versatile Mexican musician known for his energetic beats and hypnotic vocals. Known as a jazz fusion artist, his music has been featured in numerous award-winning documentaries, including one produced by Showtime. Although he started out playing the trumpet, he ultimately settled on a style of jazz guitar called “Tijuana Jumping Jewels,” which blends contemporary Spanish pop with Caribbean percussion sounds. Many jazz musicians cross paths with Lavagna, because he is a very skilled improviser who seamlessly interweaves different styles of music into his music. This is evident in the free online albums which he regularly releases.

The U.S. Army Band “Pershing's Own"

If you are fond of jazz, then you will love the free online music videos that Pedro Lavagna frequently posts on his YouTube channel. These videos feature him playing alongside artists such as Jose Montoya, Ricardo Medina, Gloria Ayala, and Carlos Santana. Although he primarily performs with groups that feature him as a performer, he has also released several self-recorded jazz albums. The songs featured on these recordings are great examples of how he improvises and takes a diverse range of instruments and forms them into his own unique sound. Marty Ross – The Golden Trumpet

In his free online music video, entitled “Mexican Brass,” Pedro Lavagna plays his brass instrument, which is a great example of how he utilizes a variety of instruments in his performances. Also included in this video are his maracas, which are used to provide an added “clang” to his voice. Throughout the video, you also get to see him perform other stunts, such as making soap bubbles and firing his hair dryer at a fast rate. Although some people might consider this to be too “out there” for a jazz guitarist, it is a great demonstration of how talented Pedro Lavagna really is.

According to the artist himself in the above video, he was watching a video of himself when someone in the audience asked him if he played any brass instruments. He told the person that he did, and the person asked him where he had learned to play so well. Pedro Lavagna then explained to the man that all he did was study different musicians who were playing brass instruments, and that is what he used to create his unique sound in his videos.

There are many more videos featuring Pedro Lavagna, all of which have become popular YouTube sensations. If you want to watch any of his other videos, you can do so for free right now by going to YouTube and searching for him in the search box. You will also find several other excellent instructional videos on Jazz Guitar that also feature Lavagna, as well as his famous “Mexican Brass” videos.

All of the free videos featuring Pedro Lavagna are well worth watching. In particular, his “Mexican Brass” video is a beautiful example of color coordination in music, as well as an excellent use of chromatic scales. Music is an art form for which there is never a limitation of what can be achieved. If you would like to learn how to play brass, check out the videos below.

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