Local SEO for Google+ Local Businesses

What is Google Business? Google’s term for the Google local business listing. Business Profiles appear first in Google Maps and on the search results pages. This is a crucial aspect in your marketing efforts that can either benefit or cost you your business.

For example, if you were an Insurance agent who had an Insurance Specialist Appointment, how could you be sure people were seeing the right people to buy insurance? You could go back to the beginning and sign-up with your favorite agents (and we recommend using digital marketing to do this) or you could start getting creative. You can create profiles for every category of business you can think of, such as Real Estate, Investments, Consulting, Travel and Hospitality, etc… You can then have these listings show up in Google Maps, Google Search, and on the Google+ page. You could also sign up for Google’s mobile site, take all of your files and upload them to their mobile site, and drive traffic there. These are examples of what I mean by being creative with your profile.

google business

How can I use this strategy to my advantage? Well, the best way to use google business to optimize your listings is to take your basic business profile and convert it into a Google+ Local account. When you do this you will be able to set custom keywords so when someone searches for something related to your business, you’ll know exactly what that phrase is. When someone searches for those same phrases in Google Maps, you’ll know exactly where they are. This is extremely powerful for marketing because it gives you more exposure to your target audience and increases the odds that your content will be found when someone does a search.

How do I get started? The way that I’ve done it is that I’ve just gone back to my Google+ business profile, deleted the personal details and all of the things that were there, except for the Google+ local account that I have connected with my Google+ map account. Then I’ve opened a new one and chose the + neighborhood option, then went through all my business contacts and listed them in my Google+ business profile. That’s it. I’ve also gone through and added a couple more friends who live in my area, but don’t necessarily have a Google+ connection.

The first thing that I do when I post to both the Google+ Local account and my Google Hootsuite button is to go to my Google+ profile and select “posts from account”. From there I can select “profile options” and then “manage multiple locations”. From there I can select the option for choosing my business name. I select the same option for selecting my photo. After that all I have to do is go to my Google+ profile and select the “connect” link.

If you’re an entrepreneur that wants to be able to reach people locally that have a Google+ connection, post your business name and your contact information on Google+ can help you do that. Just make sure that you don’t use any third-party software or service like Google Places that will automatically update your listing with your physical location. Also make sure that you don’t use your business name as your URL. It’s not allowed. But using your business name as your URL will still give you great results when you do search queries on Google.

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