Laser Hair Removal Pain Management – How Long Does the White Line Last?

The white line of the abdomen is a common after-treatment experience for many who have had laser hair removal treatments. The white line is typically seen when the body is re-growing the scar tissue caused by the laser treatment. However, the white line can also be seen at any time during the recovery period from laser hair removal as a natural side effect.

While the white line of the abdomen is not medically proven to be a symptom of laser hair removal, there are a number of people who have experienced some degree of discomfort following a treatment. There is no clear explanation for the discomfort but patients report feeling it in different areas on the body. One area that may experience the most discomfort after laser hair removal is the face.

Лазерная эпиляция белой линии живота женщин и мужчин - цена, фото ...

For this reason, many patients report that it is common to have some degree of redness or skin irritation following a laser treatment. This redness typically begins two weeks following the laser treatment and should subside in about one week. Depending on the individual and what areas were treated, redness may occur in more than one area. Лазерная эпиляция Белая линия живота

In some cases, there may not be actual redness but a skin irritation such as itching, rash or flaking. This can occur anywhere on the body and is most common in areas where there is more exposure to the sun or other factors that cause skin to become dry. This can range from your hands to your face and sometimes can occur during or after a facial treatment.

Skin that has been treated with laser hair removal will feel rough, flaky and dry. This may also affect certain areas of the body such as the lips, back of the legs, shoulders and neck. Unfortunately, this is a side effect that will not go away and will continue to bother patients even if the initial laser treatment was successfully completed.

To treat the white line of the abdomen, most patients need to wait for about a week before they can return to their normal daily activities. During this time, patients should wear loose clothing as this may irritate the area. To relieve any redness and irritation, some people choose to use a warm compress on the abdomen for approximately twenty minutes. For the most part, these treatments are painless.

In addition to the white line of the abdomen, patients should avoid eating a lot of protein and fatty foods because they may cause increased swelling and further increase the redness caused by laser hair removal. It is important to avoid hot or spicy foods because this can also cause redness and swelling. The best idea is to take the day off from work and take some vitamin C so you can make sure you are receiving adequate nutrition.

While the white line of the abdomen can be uncomfortable following a laser hair removal treatment, it should subside after a week. As long as the laser treatment was successful, the next time the white line of the abdomen comes back, it should come from the leftover scar tissue that is left behind by the treatment. This means that the next time, patients can expect it to be much less noticeable.

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